Prag Infosystem is an organization that represents the entrepreneurial spirit of The North East. We have the product portfolio and range to fulfill your corporate requirement. Organization is also committed to continuously evolve better ways of satisfying the client’s professional needs, and ensure his personal life style by the use of technology. Unique Solution also partners leading IT organizations to provide the latest technology to the corporate, enterprises and the individual users.

Prag Infosystem is specialized in both hardware & software fields keeping in view of the close customer contact, flexibility to customer’s changing requirements and dedication to quality. The Unique Solution engineering team currently uses an “ad-hoc” methodology with some requirements, architecture, coding, manual testing and documentation. There is no consistency in artifacts produced and work practices among the different projects. Our team goes to great length to provide a quality product and, though their testing strategy needs to change from manual to automate, this maintains the quality focus.


No business is an island – we know that better than anyone. We're always looking for complementary services to offer our clients.



our objective


We work with small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses to help them either get started or expand into new territories. Start your next chapter now.


If you have a portfolio of properties you're moving, or if you have just a single spot, we'll connect you with potential buyers.





Driven By a Strong Objective

“For the requirements of our valued customers, we shall deliver defect free products, services and solutions for their; Better Access, Better Insight & Better Facilities”.

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